Audit Trail Solutions for Frontline Operations

Audit Trail Solutions for Frontline Operations

Audit Trail Solutions for Frontline Operations

From Frontline Ops to The Cloud!


The Challenge

Providing our clients with an audit trail of completed work in an easily accessible format is a big challenge. Our frontline operatives clean 100’s of bins across multiple sites every week. In most instances, there’s no one onsite to sign work off on completion. So how do we demonstrate to our trusted clients that the work has been completed?

Our First Solution

Over the last few years we’ve successfully used Google Sheets to capture photo evidence of every bin clean. Our operatives send the sheets back to head office, where they are uploaded to our online portal. Clients can then log in and view the images from every site. This process has worked very well, but it relies on a huge amount of admin support.

Our Rolls Royce Solution

Developed in collaboration with Fiska, our proprietary cloud-based inspection software ‘REVIZIO’ now automates that process. When our operatives take pictures from site, the photos are automatically time and date stamped, and uploaded to the cloud. Our clients can then log in to our system and view the images in real time.


If you manage multiple sites that require regular bin cleaning, come and talk to the experts.

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